Love for Kendra

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I have a very soft spot for Kendra Wilkinson. I find her to be one of the most endearing characters ever brought to my attention by reality television. Yes, I watched The Girls Next Door and as a result got sucked into Kendra, a show that makes me cry every single episode. Of all the humans I’ve ever seen without knowing, Kendra is the most human of them all and that’s saying something considering her boobs aren’t even real.

Kendra is simple. She likes grilled cheese and football. She likes dogs. She laughs a lot. Because it’s so obvious where she’s coming from all the time, it’s impossible for me not to understand her feelings. When Kendra’s happy, I’m happy for her and when Kendra’s hurting, I hurt too. I can’t help it. When exposed to Kendra, I become Kendra, and that often results in me sobbing into the sleeve of my hooded sweatshirt. She overwhelms me, and I won’t even get into how impressive I think that is from a business standpoint. E! struck gold the day they found Kendra.

Kendra’s sex tape hasn't been a big topic of conversation in a while, which I am thankful for. Basically, it’s very clear that Kendra did not want to make the tape, but the troll she made it with more or less insisted upon it. Is that rape? No, it’s not rape, but I think it’d be at rape’s family reunion, if you know what I’m saying.

Watching Kendra’s interview with Ryan Seacrest about the tape kills me, you guys. It was terrible to watch someone who, for whatever reason, I have grown to love through my television, cry over being a victim of something like this. And she is a victim. Whoever is profiting off this video is exploiting a woman who’s someone’s daughter, someone’s wife and someone’s mother and that’s messed up. The fact that it’s still legal blows my mind.

I think a lot of haters would say she is choosing to exploit herself and her body and, as a woman, is doing a bad job of leading by example. Hell no. I think that because Kendra’s clearly been nude in front of a camera on her own terms before, she’s been able to put this behind her quickly, but that’s not really the point. I, by the grace of God, by some insane series of miracles, have never allowed anyone to photograph or film me in an intimate way (except that one time JR drew meaningful words on my naked legs) because it’s not worth it. It’s not worth it to be a human living your life with your husband and your baby and then have one mistake be thrown up in your face like that.

We can take a lot of things from this Kendra tape, guys:

1. People are shitheads and you can never trust them unless they are Kendra.
2. Women be getting exploited. Women be getting exploited for days.
3. Never, ever let a bro holler at a Flip Cam, et c. when you are fighting naked.

Also, and this is just for me, but I also learned that I probably need to start taking anti-depressants again.