kettle corn

Sunday, November 7, 2010

OK, well. Yesterday was too much craziness for my damn self. After doing my shopping thing, my mom and I went to a plethora of fabric stores to work on a baby quilt for my friend('s baby). We ended up spending hours meticulously going down every aisle -- which led me to digging through all of my fabric boxes at home, and finding two yards of fabric that I originally planned on making a maxi dress out of.

I passed out early because people are flaky and I wanted to kill a little time before I went out. This is my fool-proof way of not going out at night. I always fall asleep. For good. Now it's 3:00am and I am wide awake.

I eat kettle corn a lot, and I’ve definitely appreciated anyone who has ever let me eat kettle corn in their bed because it’s kind of gross and you get bits everywhere even if you’re being really careful. And I’m usually not. It’s like a fun test to see if they are the kind of person who would sleep on crumbs for you!

Anyway, right I’m eating this kettle corn in my bed. It is probably my favorite kettle corn these days because they taste really amazing (they have a tiny bit of mystery flavor in them which is the most off the chain part) and it is “vegan,” which to me implies that it’s healthy. I’m sure it isn’t actually healthy for me, but I sleep for 20 hours and drink Diet Coke and I don’t wear sunscreen, so clearly my health isn’t a top priority of mine.

Anyway, so I made this dress.