Thursday, November 18, 2010

One of my eight Nashville readers today was a brand new reader.

Hi, reader. Welcome. Hope you love watching me flip my amber waves of grain all over your computer face. (Referring to the photos I post of my long hair, being displayed on your Mac computer. I also know you have a Mac because my site tracker is super TMI and I know exactly who reads it and where they are and often what company they work for. Still waiting on their social security numbers to come through for an illegal operation I'm trying to get off the ground but I'm pretty patient. I just sit and blog in the meantime. You probably know that by now, even though you're a new reader, you'll probably be back because people in Nashville can't get enough of my brain thoughts and I'm not sure why, mostly because I talk mad trash about that town, but I have to go there regularly, and you know, it's whatever.)