All of a sudden, we are seeing more and more people make outlandish statements against Obama in an attempt to "reclaim" being conservative and it honestly makes me sick. Men and women in their mid-20s thinking that they are being bold by coming out as Republicans or something. Ya know, like... opposite day crap. Flipping the switch on us, if you will.

It's unforgivable to me when I see women doing this. I would say that I hope they all get knocked up immediately after they have their abortion rights taken from them, but I know that for most of these broads, being forced to carry a child they aren't prepared financially or emotionally to take care of and marrying the father because it's the "right thing to do" would be more freeing than having to go out and do something with their lives that doesn't involve French's green bean casserole and cheap flatware. We raise them really strong here in the States, don't we?

I can't pretend that I spend my time reading up on every aspect of politics anymore. I don't. But I feel like I have a pretty fair sense of right and wrong and common decency, even if I don't always chose to display it. I don't think it's going to be possible to fix the problems we have in one presidential term or two or eight. It's going to take many, many decades to get us on track again (if we ever really were on track in the first place.) That being said, we can't stop our thinking beyond the next two years. If all these conservative types were really using their noggins, they'd perhaps ponder the fact that they are contributing to a society that all of these non-aborted babies are going to have to live in well past our existence. But, maybe that's just my crazy lady-feelings talking.

Ugh. I'm starting to feel the way I did in college when I would go on Internet rampages about politics and opinions and I apologize. This will be the last one. Until something else happens.