Trifling hos & why you can't trust 'em

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The other week, a friend told me my former BFF has been talking mad shit about me recently. This confused me, because I found out it was because of some bad feelings (on her end) about a situation that I thought we cleared up over a year ago. So I must be like, extra threatening to her these days...

Made me think about fighting girls and how it makes me very very sad for women these days. I don’t even want to physically fight a girl. I feel like I would be more comfortable taking a dude. In fact, once I did but now that I look back on it, it was clearly just us releasing some inappropriate fourth grade sexual aggression. We just started kicking the shit out each other and then he started punching and then I bit him a bunch. Then a fifth grade teacher who I recognized from the classroom next door walked over and scolded us.

Then the next year I was assigned to be in that teacher’s class, and just when I realized that I was going to have to spend at least the first few months proving to this old lady that I wasn’t an unbalanced kid, she approached me while I was looking through the bookshelf and said “Hello, Karin. Do you remember me?” And I think I just said something like “Yeah” and went back to browsing. It turned out that she quickly became one of my favorite and most supportive teachers ever. She encouraged me to write the craziest stories ever.  They were bananas. She even came to visit me at home when I had pneumonia and had to miss shcool for a week.

I guess she never really thought the fight was bad. I think she kinda liked me for it. I was pretty bad ass to fight a boy that was bigger than me in the coatroom for the hells of it.

Man, childhood was crazy, right guys?!?! I feel like it really "formed me as a person."