Koop's Birthday Weekend

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pre-arrival, my trip's itinerary was chock-full of activities: San Diego sight seeing, thrifting, hiking, crafting. But by Friday (day before Darien's birthday!), I knew my only successful day-time activity would be the thrifting and the laying-in-bed-sick.

This was the first Mutemath show I’d seen after the dreadful 30 Seconds to Mars tour. I had to work until 5:30 up in LA, and in a strong effort to avoid several hours of traffic, I waited until 7:00 to hop onto the 405 and head down to La Jolla. I must have timed it perfectly because I arrived shortly before 9:30 -- less than halfway through their set! I was escorted by one of the event coordinators over to the stage. I asked if I could stay near the stage, to avoid the crowd surfing needed to make my way over to Darien. She told me to "walk up those stairs, and turn left." Well, I did, and found myself on stage.

This is the third time I have been escorted at a Mutemath show, only to accidentally walk on stage. It's a gift.  My eardrums have still not recovered from the combat.

Following the show, I recognized the feeling in my throat and resigned to the fact that I had, surely, lost my battle to this head cold. Waited for Darien to pack up his things, and boned out. We drove straight up to Oceanside where our weekend beach house waited. After stopping at the grocery store for a few essentials (cocoa powder, eggs, sourdough bread), we headed to our home and settled in.

After some late night snacking on the cream cheese cookies I slaved over on Thursday, we hit the sack.

Saturday began after a few restless hours of sniffling, coughing, and choking. Darien got a head start on his birthday by retreating back to the grocery store to fetch me some cold medicine. I roughed it up enough to get outside with him... so, we went thrifting in Encinitas, then back to bed - an outing that deliberately let me remain horizontal.

I was on a very specialized mission to find a restaurant or artisanal shop to have an abundance of cheese (Darien's favorite food). In preparation for our trip, I looked to The Melting Pot, which promised, “For people who love cheese,  an absolute heaven: there are more than 300 different varieties." Reluctantly, I got out of bed and surprised him with the cheesiest dinner of his life. After our dark chocolate / crunchy peanut butter cheesecake dessert, we headed back to the house and lit a bonfire on our private beached backyard.

Sunday was spent in bed / on couch.

I am pissed off and cold-ridden. For some reason, being sick has made me unreasonably angry. I definitely have a fever, I've definitely had to work most of the last two work days even though I'm experiencing menopause-y hot flashes immediately followed by bouts of extreme coldness. I have lovely friends who have all offered to bring me things to make me feel better, but I want to be alone to pout and whine about how uncomfortable I am. Darien has been real good about it. He gets that I'm sick and has been content to chill in bed with me whenever I'm not working.