Being popular

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It’s been raining on and off all week and currently, the rain is off.

I’ve been making it a habit to stay inside most nights these days because A) I have been mortally sick, and B) I feel like I’ll start to look like a 45 year old 24 year old if I don’t. Also, it’s easier to afford really fun nights out twice a week than decent times out every night if I do it this way, assuming that the amount of fun I have is proportional to the amount of alcohol I drink (which, lately, has been none).

Tonight I agreed to go out, but I really don’t want to now that it’s later. It’s not even a gross party like the ones I normally go to where you’re the best dressed person in the room if your clothes don’t have holes or food stains. It’s for a kinda fancy person’s birthday that I should at least shower for… but the pain.

I’m psyching myself up for getting ready by thinking about all those nights post-college where I’d put on a dress and tights and heels and tons of make up and go out in to the horrible weather just because I wanted to go out so badly. Plus, it was Chicago, so in addition to being rainy or snowy, it was very cold and windy. A night time low of 53 degrees shouldn’t bother me so much, especially because I don’t feel the need to get all fancy.

I’ve gotten so soft, you guys.