addendum to my previous post

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ok, I don't like writing blogs about feelings.

I feel compelled to go on the record and also say, I absolutely hate fighting with people. I am a peacemaker, and I will always apologize if I've done something out of line or made someone feel a way I didn't mean for them to. Hell, I apologize to the people who have done shitty things to me. Basically, I'm the biggest, longest, greatest doormat you'll ever meet in your life. Other pathetic qualities of mine include: looking the other way, acting like I don't know what you're trying to pull on me, lowering my own self esteem because someone else is threatened by my awesomeness. Because you know what? I don't mind because I'm a doormat

It's because I'm a nice person. Can you handle that?? Don't be sad. Someone gets upset at me for something, I immediately apologize, and in my mind it's settled. I move on. That's what doormats do. I rarely seek vengeance because I believe in karmic payback; I also believe that karmic payback rarely can be affected by my influence.


I have a long-standing agreement with myself: when a friend becomes more unenjoyable than enjoyable, they get to go live in the “fuck off” pile.

That’s where I throw all the people who:
  • take themselves too seriously
  • who are untrustworthy
  • who are rude and/or hurtful
And it's pretty hard to redeem yourself once you've made it onto that pile. Yes, I have found that this system doesn’t always make me well-liked, but it keeps me efficient and on my path. There’s something to be said for not having no free time for trifling motherfuckers.

So, they can all lay in the fuck off pile and cry together for all I care. Truthfully? I admire my haters. I really do. Because... I don't make it easy, you know? You have to try really hard to not like me. It takes work.

And that's basically how I feel about that.