Saturday, September 25, 2010

If you think I don’t have this song on my laptop and that I don’t turn it on sometimes and just “feel it,” then you’d be dead wrong.

I know autotune is dead, but before we throw the dirt on the coffin, can I at least just celebrate my favorite jam this movement birthed with you folks just one more time?

I loved this song because we played it all the time when Corrie was just out in LA. Everytime we were in the car with her sister, our other friends, whoever, we would blast this song and be like “OH MY GOSH, THIS IS MY SOOOOOONNNNGGGG.” That’s kind of how I react when I like anything, so no one thinks it’s that weird except for probably people who don’t fully “get me.”

This song has had a good run.  I think that generations from now, when I am an old lady and my great grandkids are running around some family reunion ironically listening to music from my youth, that this song will come on and I will spend the majority of its play time easing myself out of my lawnchair so I can stand up and hold my cane above my head screaming “2010 WAS THE BEEEEESSSSSSTTTTT!!!!!!”