I have a really hard time getting behind people who are constantly hating on the awesomeness of others. You know what, though? Katy Perry is for real. I don’t care if she’s a terrible role model for teenage girls. I think she’s a GREAT role model for me, and I have the maturity of a teenage girl (I mean, like, at best.)

One of the many reasons I love Corrie is that usually every time I see her she’ll want to stop for a moment and play a song she’s been listening to that day that made her think of fun things. I just think it’s really cute and thoughtful and she rarely misses the mark. Maybe just those couple of times it was some buckwild girly folky whiny song that I just couldn’t listen to, let alone get behind. 

ANYWAY— this weekend she was puttin’ on that Katy P. and it was one of those musical experiences where you just have chills all over your woman body listening to the first few notes. I think it’s been a hot minute since I’ve heard this jam and I’ve already listened to it four times tonight and tried to figure out how I can somehow incorporate it in the advancement of my career (stay tuned for bluegrass cover), because that’s how my mind works. I’m a Business Lady, it’s cool…

Just stop hating on other’s awesome. Try and not like this. Try. Then leave.