I have had bangs since I was 4*.
My bangs are a security blanket to cover (literally) the elephant in the room otherwise known as my forehead-so-big-it’s-a-fivehead. I wouldn’t say I have been “insecure” about my dominatrix of a forehead, but I have definitely spent the past twenty years of my life finding some way to cover it. Some people tell me I’m crazy, and maybe it’s just the double dosage of Xanax talking, but I’m starting to believe them (both that I am crazy AND that my forehead really isn’t that big).
Bangs are tiring. They make me appear 18. The sole purpose I shower daily is to de-grease my bangs. When I go out on the road with Darien, showering becomes a hassle because my options are A) disgusting lock-proof venue showers, which would require flip flops, but since nobody brings flip flops onto a rock and roll tour bus, I am forced to shower IN MY BOOTS, or B) pray for a “day room” on a day off. Option B is never my call. Being bang-proof would allow me to fulfill my lifelong dream of showering every other day and still look fly. Presumably.
Anyway. I took a picture to accompany this post, because my lashes look so good that it feels like bragging.
They’re not fake in this shot. But I wanna become a girl who wears fakies all the time. Fake eyelashes all the time in 2010. I’ll be one of those girls. I don’t care. I’m fine. I’m going to be one of those now. 
Manicures all the time. Falsies in my bra. Falsies on my lashline. Corsets to pull everything in.
Fake. Fake in 2010, it’s the only way to get by.
Anyway. Let me know what you guys think about my forehead situation.
*I didn’t have bangs in junior high because I didn’t look in the mirror due to my cripplingly low self esteem.