Friday, September 3, 2010

First of all, big fan. I’m a fan of your works. 

Issue two: I was checking out your website this morning. Very impressive. I am happy that you’re still touring. HOWEVER— I noticed that you are not busy on or around September 9th, if your website is correct. And, it seems like you’ll be hovering around the South Western region of America. Now, the person writing this, me, Karin… That’s mah b-day. I was wondering, per chance, if you’re around LA, if you wanna come hang out for my birthday. I’ve also already invited Khloe Kardashian and, like, two other professional musicians. You definitely wouldn’t be the only famous/artsy type there, basically is what I’m saying. I have a lot of eclectic friends, most of whom are sociable. I think it would be a good time.

Anyway, cool. So, let me know. You can email me on my professional website.