a friendly reminder

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sorry for all the lack of posts about myself the last few days. Darien is in town and I feel like he really inhibits my blogging time. Plus, Corrie is here too, and those are basically the only two people I see IRL. Without my laptop, my abilities to create bomb blog content are more limited than usual. It’s not that I don’t bring my Macbook— of course I do. I intended on having the ability to blog while I was at her house. It’s just that no one ever knows which wireless network is the right one wherever I am and if they did, they have no idea what the password is. Basically, wherever I am, those people take 40 dollars a month, put it in an envelope, and throw it in the trash. McCain in ‘08, right guys!?!?

Anyway, just wanted to take a moment out to remind everyone on the Internet that just ‘cause I’m not armed with my usual amount of technology and/or all up in your face piece, still doesn’t mean I won’t take a moment out of my day to tell all of you to read me.

Lucky you, lucky all of us.

PS: Yesterday I got off the monorail at Disneyland and Taylor Hanson was walking by. We don’t have to go there, with what happened next. Tonight I have a really important event to attend at the House of Blues that might be completely related to this post script. We’ll talk later.