Okay Internet. A few things.

1) This is my way of debuting my darker hair. It’s a lot lighter IRL but I like to hang that curtain of mystery around myself.
2) These are my new bike shorts.
3) Don’t be mad at me for not sharing this sooner, but for the last month I have been getting deep with my fitness. I’m talking: 30 minutes of treadmill a day, eating foods that don’t contain the words “bean and cheese burrito,” and sort of feeling better about myself.

In conclooge: as a note to any sister out there needing an uplift - it took three weeks, but then I woke up the other morning and I was like “Ha-HA! I am still fly as shit for dayz!”

When I get upset, I think it will never end. The first week of getting deep (“OGD”), I thought I was going to die at some point every day. But then I guess I passed a mirror or something because I’ve been feeling like the flyest bitch in the game for the last like, week and a half.

Can’t help this fabulousness.