Tuesday, August 24, 2010

“You have never done that with anybody but me. That is a gross misrepresentation of our marriage.”
  - A husband on last night’s repeat of Wife Swap after he’s discovered that his wife was demonstrating body shots while on her swap.

Look. I am not here to judge (speaking of gross misrepresentations…), but if you’re like, 45 years old and you and your wife are regularly doing shots, let alone body shots, I would say that yelling at her for such behavior on national television is a little out of line.

Additionally, the angry husband made his “new wife,” a conservative former military captain or something, do 1) “promotional modeling” outside of a bike store and 2) clean the house with weights on her ankles in an outfit that could only be purchased at Fredrick’s of Hollywood.

Did anyone else watch this episode last night? Did anyone else want to fly to whatever state those people lived in, rescue poor Glory and then take her to your house, clean her up and give her a good meal? I’m being so sensitive these days.