Chill Out Lady is drinking her Chill Out Machine so she’ll chill out while watching the season premiere of the show about that grassy stuff in 20 minutes. Maybe I’ll live blog this! SPOILER ALERT.

6:40 - can’t w8.
7:02 - OMG if the Inglourious Basterds credits don’t end I’m going to kill myself. 7:05 - I am so glad Pilar got plugged.
7:07 - SHANE! Camera! OMG OMG.
7:09 - How is Nancy going to explain this to Silas, who is looking rather dapper. Let’s get real.
7:10 - PACKING? NOT COMING BACK? WHERE ARE THEY GOING?! AGRESTIC?! Why is Nancy so calm? Did she miss that part where Shane just killed someone?
7:11 - Ugh. I hate Shane. I want him to only shut up.
7:12 - LOL, that’s how I look every time I spend the night somewhere. Bring it all.
7:13 - Ohhhh, that’s why the opening sequence had the O.J. container.
7:14 - “Don’t play that whole ‘I’m a killer now’ card!” Hahahahahahahaha. LOL.
7:15 - I hope one of these drunk guys gets blamed for the murder so I can sleep at night.
7:16 - OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! He jumped into Pilar’s blood!!! $20.
7:17 - I miss Andy. He reminds me of someone. I don’t wanna talk about it.
7:19 - How funny would it be if Andy killed this guy by clocking him?
7:21 - She needs those keys, guys.
7:24 - Alanis is such a douche in this. She makes it embarrassing to be a heterosexual woman living in 2010.
7:26 - This episode is so going nowhere.
7:27 - OMG THEY ARE WATCHING THE TAPE. Why are they erasing it? I don’t get it!
7:28 - I love the podcast about parasites. Meaningful.

Verdict: Anticlimactic.