a burning question

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So I have watched about a half dozen episodes of Intervention this week, and they all seem to revolve around meth, but never once have I heard someone answer the question “What the hell made you decide to try it in the first place?”

I mean, c’mon. I’ll stick my foot in any pool, but not the meth pool. There’s no turning back from that, right? Don’t we all know that? If I was even in the same room as meth, I’d probably pass out from fear. I’m physically afraid of the drug. So I’m really dying to know who the people are who are like “Yeah, I’ll try that!” when the meth pipe is going around at a party and how they are able to justify it to themselves. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to rationalize a single reason to even try it once. ‘Cause it’s probably never gonna be just once.

I understand the whole “you’re gonna think there are bugs crawling in your skin and your teeth will fall out and you’ll be really poor and miserable” part. What I don’t understand is how someone slips up the very first time so that it spirals into that. I can’t think of a single benefit other than the numbness that comes along with any drug… and, to be honest, I can understand dependency and addiction. When does life become so bad that a margarita can’t fix it?