Yo, so I spent all of today feeling and looking like a used-up life whore. It was really bad. This morning at work, I looked like someone scraped me off the sidewalk in skid row and delivered me to Glendale to die. And last night I slept from 12 AM until about 5 AM.

Also, I’m doing really well on this whole detoxing thing. I’ve cheated about three times in the last week and that’s it, and I’ve formally quit caffeine altogether (as of, like, 2 years ago). I’m hydrating mad lots (obvsly). I also haven’t had more than three alcoholic drinks in the past month. I’m totally being an adult, you guys.*

What I’m getting at is… I’m probably going to be a Mormon by the end of the month.

*Mark’s birthday is tomorrow so I’m probably going to drink for days. :(