Saturday, July 17, 2010

Couldn’t go through with it. I paid my respects to my friend who I’ve known since I was 7, got some mad magic done on me from an Asian guy with a terrible accent, and worked my thing all the way to the bowling alley to find out I had to pay $15, and $3.50 for socks.

But you know what? I’m fine, you guys. Pappas was definitely more fired up to front the cash than I was. My girl owned that crap. Sure, at points on my drive home I was wishing that I was in there, but I realized that tonight wasn’t about me and that letting my friend explore her talents did make me a winner. You have to let your friends explore, you guys.

P.S. You know you have to go to the one on Lyons and not some Lucky Strike business or you don’t “get it.” You’re not supposed to be able to pay $15 and/or get laid in a bowling alley unless you’re in that sort of place in your life, you know? It’s a bowling alley. It should be a little hot and smell crazy and have creepy old dudes in it. It should be fairly well-lit and have a section with arcade games in case things get really crazy. It’s a sport. Let’s get serious.