relevant revelations

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Remember back in high school or college or whenever the last time you had to take constant notes with an actual pen was? Remember that rush you’d experience when you’d find a really good pen? Maybe it belonged to your class partner or you found it under your seat or something, it was rarely something you could plan by buying a pack of expensive pens. It had to be kind of broken to really work. The ball was loose or the ink had been shaken around too much, but something about the defects made the pen that much more perfect. What made it a good pen was not really how fancy it was, but how rich the marks it left were. Sometimes you found a pen that was extra juicy for whatever reason and the ink just seemed to flow from it in a such a special way that you knew you would never be able to hold on to it. It was like as soon as you found it, you knew you were going to lose it someday in line at the bank or to another class partner and that awesome pen would just go right back in to the fold with all the other lame writing utensils and you would be all alone again or writing with less superior Papermates.

Finding awesome pens is a lot like love, you guys.

I know. I’m really smart.