fun game

Saturday, June 5, 2010

This is a fun game you can play with girlfriends.

OK, so like, let’s say you’re at a party or something. The kinda place people go and they want to look kinda cute or whatever. If you’re not sure when a chick feels that way, observe how frequently she checks her lip gloss. The more she peeps the gloss, the flyer she feels.
So wait until the party’s going and they’ve had like, a couple drinks or whatever and just walk to up them all serious like you’re about to intimate something to them, and say, “Hey, girl. Your balls are showing.”

Then she’s going to look down at her “balls”. She just is. If you say that to a girl and she’s had a drink or two, she will check to make sure her balls aren’t hanging out. I’m serious. If you can find me a chick that’s a half in the bag and doesn’t check her balls, I’ll be like, “OK, miracles are for real.”
And obviously after she checks her balls, you get to be like, “Yo, [Insert name here] has balls!”

I mean, you can just really get a good laugh by doing that. It’s a really fun game.