Monday, May 3, 2010

Saw Humpday last night with my parents’ dog. Personally, I was so disturbed by the plot of the film and character motivation that I had a hard time enjoying it. The acting and dialogue was pretty great. There were a couple scenes toward the begining where I was genuinely really enjoying myself and thought “Man, that’s so legit. That’s just like _____” and the blank would be a friend from college, or me, or my relationship, or whatever. I was pretty impressed by how great a lot of those scenes were, and I’m a big old jaded woman who hates pretty much everything at its core.

Here’s what got me: I found the selfishness of the lead character to be so cruel and disturbing that I spent most of the second half of the movie frantically searching my brain and wondering what the heck I’ve done wrong in my life to be so affected by this. It actually killed me to see this dude throw his wife out the window to make a porno with his buddy (not a spoiler, that’s in the trailer/the entire plot of the movie).

I normally avoid romantic comedies and any sort of romantic movie at all costs because I find myself relating too much and then I wind up having a week-long crying spree that’s filled with a lot of things like unreasonable junk food and exclaimations of “WHY AM I GOING TO DIE ALONE!?” Let’s put it this way: you did not want to be my college boyfriend after I saw Fever Pitch, a movie I was sure this one guy introduced me to solely so I could see what he would never be able to give me.

Still, I thought this would be different. Two straight dudes making sex for the camera = LOLs, right? No. It wasn’t. The details of the film lead me to believe that it must have been written by a very single man who doesn’t understand that he can’t have everything in the world ever. It was written and directed by a woman, actually. I tried to take that in to account and hoped and hoped that at some point my affection for these guys would kick in. I thought maybe the wife would be portrayed in a less whiney and negative way.

I overly identified with the passive and supportive wife, I immediately recognized the selfishness in the husband, the cluelessness and lack of boundaries in his friend and the fact that they were going to take these awful traits all the way to Anal Town to prove some sort of a point.

Bottom line: Because I enjoyed the acting and the dialogue so much, I give it a 3/10. The plot will haunt me for years to come and it will be of no surprise to me if I wind up holding my husband at knifepoint the night of our wedding, threatening to slice and dice his face if he ever decides to have sex with one of his friends on camera for “art.”