Still kinda think its unfortunate that Freddy Prinze Jr picked mannish Jessica Biel over womannish Brittany Murphy in Summer Catch.
I bet you Brittany Murphy wouldn’t have begged and pleaded to define her relationship with Freddy. Look at how obviously down she is. She showed up with beer and a sleeping bag to make out with Freddy on a baseball diamond.
But really when you think about it, maybe Freddy Prinze Jr just wasn’t man enough for Brittany Murphy’s independent spirit. Maybe he was afraid she would make out with Eminem in a warehouse someday or something, who knows.
You know, whatever happened to ol’ Freddy Prinze Jr.? I can only assume that he is dead or has gone bald in his twenties, these things are practically the same in Hollywood I’ve heard. Look, I know I can just IMDB the guy and figure out what he’s up to but really I enjoy not knowing sometimes. Just letting a little bit of uncertainty hang in the air of my life, constantly unaware of whether Freddy Prinze Jr is in rehab or into Scientology or whatever boring thing ruined his career.

& When I think about it, when I ever had a relaysh that ended real badly I just went around telling people “Fact is, I’m just too much like Brittany Murphy in Summer Catch for him.” That’s as true as it gets.