listen to me for a second.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I’m sure there are ladies out there who can relate to me when I say, I’m freakin amazing. I’m not going to start listing the infinite number of qualities which make me so phenomenally incredible, but aside from the basic/obvious ones of being smart, sexy and having a great sense of humor, I also bake, have impeccable taste in music, have my things together, and I’m a fun girl. I take being female very seriously, I’m good great at it - I should teach classes, I’m such a professional.

But gender aside, I’m an all around fantastic individual. I don’t really have to prove anything to anyone, and I shouldn’t have to. If you hang out with me for a bit, you will see what I’m talking about and the longer you do, the more you’ll understand that I’m the best. I know. I really do. If for some reason you disagree, there’s something wrong with you. I would put a “no offense” in there, but it’s almost like you’re just offending yourself. And self-sabotage isn’t cute.

So none of this settling business, because like Aaliyah (RIP), I’m not just anybody.