Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My dad can be real sweet sometimes. At my parents’ house I usually go to bed much later than him, but sometimes I go to bed at 4pm because I am practically manic depressive and I make him tuck me in because I’m a brat who loves attention that I don’t really need. So anyway, a few days ago he tucked me in and then he put on The Nanny for me without me even having to ask. It was pretty much the nicest thing he ever did.

And then like, this morning, I got up for some water & was making him watch it with me and Fran came on wearing something fabulous and Fran-like and he was like “you try and dress like her, don’t you?” And I got all weird and said “Um, no…” and then he was like “C’mon. Look at her.” as if to say “Jig’s up, lady.” And I thought that was real funny, too.