cleaning my life up

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My room is starting to look like some dry hurricane just rolled on through. I SLEPT WITH MY CAR KEYS LAST NIGHT, YOU GUYS! Pretty gnarly.

I worked more this week than normal. I didn’t pick up as many stories as I should have, I didn’t have my head in the game. I went to bed early, I slept until my alarm went off, I spent about four hours a day chipping away at things before deciding that I had done enough. That always makes me feel like a jerk because technically I should be working AT ALL TIMES because I’m not making a hot money situation yet.

I decided I’m going to use tonight to get my place completely unpacked, switch over to my summer wardrobe (bye, winter. forever.) and put together a box to send to the Salvation Army. I figure that if my place is clean and comfortable, I’ll be more eager to chase dem rainbows ‘n shit.
And don’t even judge me for having my room be this messy and not posting photos of it on the Internet. It’s just clothes. And wigs. And boxes. And maybe some trash. And I slept with my car keys last night.