bieber dreamz

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This morning when I was fading in and out of consciousness at 5:00 AM (the hour I got up for work… on a Sunday) while reading the day’s headlines on my Android Phone with Google, I either read or dreamed that someone bought Justin Bieber a jet for his 16th birthday.

I’ve searched for this story now that I’m awake and I can’t find it, so I’m thinking it must have been a dream. So now all the “jokes” I wrote about it are pointless. But ready? Ready for the best/worst joke I came up with about a fake news story while I was half asleep?

“John Travolta’s son was named Jet and look where it got him.”

Awful. And it doesn’t even make sense.

Jet Travolta was a juggalo. Did you know that?

(It’s fine if you stop reading my blog. I understand.)