rediscovering livejournal

Friday, April 30, 2010

I will post paragraphs here and there as I go through it for your enjoyment and my embarrassment. This is something I wrote in high school after I told a dude I liked him:
So since I’ve last posted, a butttt load of stuff has happened. I told [Redacted]. (AHHHH!)- let’s just say this… he TOTALLY has a girlfriend. And no one had any idea. No one. Not a one of us… I saw her, though… and let’s just also say, that if that kinda girl is his type, then he and I are never going to be together… why? Because I’m not ugly. She’s gross and totally Jersey’d out. We’re talking single process hair coloring with a reddish/purpleish tint. She uses mousse. And not just a quarter-sized dab for a little volume… she goes for “the wet look”. My WORST hair day does not even come close to her best. She looks like a mob wife, STRAIGHT UP.
Looks like I was several years ahead of yall with the Jerseymania. Kill me.