more thankfuls

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Early this morning I was laying in bed, half awake and half asleep in that place where you can’t control the fact that you are dreaming but you can maybe sway how things go a little bit.

I’m dreaming that I’m at a yard sale. I’m not running it, but I am a customer. In one hand I have an egg salad sandwich, which I would never ever eat in actuality. The other hand is free and when I see a vase I like, I reach out and grab it and carry it around the sale with me while I finish browsing.
I was in LOVE with this vase. It was blue china and reminded me of something my grandmother owned when I was a child. I kept readjusting my grip on the vase to make sure it didn’t slip out of my hand. It started feeling bigger and heavier and after awhile I was struggling to hold both things and I knew something was going to give eventually and wind up being destroyed.

Then the vase bit me. Hard.

It wasn’t a vase, it was Mickey. The poor little monster baby had no idea while his sleepy mother was molesting him and telling him that he reminded her of her mother’s mother and that she couldn’t wait to put fresh flowers in him. Homeboy was just bringing me back down to earth as quickly as he knew how.