Yeah, this is me. You can see my panda snuggie, “James Franco.” Hi, Jimmy.

So, this shirt is something I found the other day. This girl at my work told me not to get it and I was like, “Damn. Is this girl my real friend? Why doesn’t she want me to have cool fashions? Do my fashions threaten her?” That was a difficult day for me emotionally, but I powered through. My coworker is an excellent friend, by the way. I think I was just in a permanent good mood that she wasn’t ever going to experience in her life. I wound up getting the shirt ‘cause it really spoke to me. I wasn’t sure why until I remembered how meaningful eagles riding motorcycles are to me.

So yeah, that’s my new look, you guys. Dude from a biker gang. Prolly wearin this shirt with some fun shorts in the summer. Just chillin’ in my Gang shirt regardless of my location. Treatin me to the fullest for days.

P.S. Saying “real talk” feels mad over to me because it’s overused and like, you know when someone’s talking about something serious and how it’s “real talk” for the most part. For me anyway, pointing it out cheapens the natural “feeling things” experience because then I have to stop and think about what feeling it is you want me to be having. Obviously what we’re talking about means more to you than me. Or something. Look, it’s as played as your favorite song. Ovah. I just wanted to put that out there because I’m about to go to bed and like, a sister needs to DREAM.