trickery & begging

Friday, March 12, 2010

I have realized than any success I have had in life comes down to two things that I’ve done: trickery and begging.

OK, so trickery is like, all that whack stuff you gotta do to get your foot in the door. Like, when they hired me at Platform One out in Chicago? I didn’t even HAVE A CLUE. I did, but it was music / design experience from LA which is actually pretty obsolete anywhere else in the country. So over the course of the first week, I hustled my way to some industry knowledge, a computer, an Internet connection and all the software I needed to do my job. A lot of people wouldn’t have even applied for a job they so clearly didn’t meet the qualifications for, but I just rolled up in there like I was all set to go and acted as such in front of the right people and they didn’t even notice how far behind I was. That was some trickery on my part. I tricked a lot of motherf’ers. Then of course I really did pass up all of my peers so it was good. And that’s a surface example. I could further defame myself by revealing stunts I’ve pulled, but I respect you all too much to bring you down that dirty path.

And then there’s begging. I am not too proud to beg, people. Never have been. I will beg a man, a friend, a stranger, whatever. If I want what I want, I will do what I have to do to get it and that most certainly includes begging. You see, had I not cried relentlessly about my money situation, I would be sitting on my thumbs next Friday night in Malibu doing menial work on my computer. But instead, Friday I will be too busy to care who thinks what of me and my begging while I’m on a flight to New Orleans for the Haiti benefit show that I’ve been dying to go see my boy at.

Lay yourself down on the tracks of life, you guys. I guess that’s what I’m saying. Do what you gotta do to make what you want happen, ‘cause if you don’t another person will. Most likely me.