things i am lookin' like

Friday, March 5, 2010

I have this long-running inside joke, and the origins of it can’t really be explained without sounding like a horrible person, but you should still be like me and adopt the saying.

So whenever someone is looking crazy in any capacity, whether it’s because they are wearing a fancy dress and wrapped in the throw blanket from someone’s couch because they are drunk and cold, or because they ate two pot cookies by accident and they passed out all crazy on their hair and now it’s all over the place, you gotta say that that person is “lookin’ like a glow worm.”

Here’s the proper way to use “lookin’ like a glow worm”:

“I went to Payless Shoe Source and caught a glimpse of my reflection in one of those shoe mirrors when I was looking for a size 10 on the bottom shelf… Let me tell you: I was lookin’ like a glow worm.”

I might be moving a bit fast for all of you, but I’m telling ya that this is going to be the hotness in 2010. I just don’t want you to be all left out and lookin’ like a glow worm.