normally i'd call dr. laura about this, but...

Monday, March 8, 2010

My duvet cover is in the dryer. I just took three Tylenol PM because I have a lot of sad feelings to try and sleep off. I don’t want to get it now because I will undoubtedly run into the ghosts who hang out on my staircase. I need to sleep, but my wonderful pure white duvet with crinkle details that I bought with what turned out to be my second-to-last check from Novocom ever might totally get stolen/thrown out of the dryer by the time I’ve woken from this OTC-induced coma.

What am I supposed to do? Why is my life so hard in a way that it sounds miserable and petty to complain about? Why does doing laundry emotionally drain me? What is the greater significance?

I bet you 100 bucks I’m getting my period within a week and I forgot. 100 dollars, internet. I’ll be setting up a PayPal.