my weekly life crisis

Monday, March 8, 2010

I have to go to the actual grocery store today (as opposed to 7-11) and get my dog some food and myself some food. After that I have to work on a design piece. Then, to be honest, I am going to spend about an hour debating whether or not I have it in me to do laundry. Then I’ll probably exhaust myself mentally thinking about that and other small things and then quit and take half a Xanax and go to “real” work for a few hours before coming home again and curling up with Roseanne and my dog and hope that tomorrow’s better. 

BTW, I’m thinking of canceling my cable because TV disgusts me (this is mostly because the Fart Locker won best picture which has nothing to do with TV but i am coping in any way that I can), but I’m afraid 9/11 Part 2 (the Remix) is going to happen and the internet will crash in my area and then it will just be me and the dog and some Arrested Development DVDs that fail to capture the horror that’s going on outside. 

Not to be an upper, you guys.