It’s important to me to be “well-liked” and “easy to identify with.” I want to stay on a level where “women want to be me and men want to be with me” but it’s “difficult” to maintain the same “look and attitude” all the time.

I’m thinking about “switching it up” and going for a more “conventch” style. Maybe I’ll start dressing like a “popular girl” and try and “relate” to a whole new crowd of “readers.” Maybe I’ll find a new stereotype that I can “align” my “personal brand” “with.”
Would “you” as my “readers” feel “alienated” if I started dressing like the girl in the “photograph” above? Would you feel like you don’t know me anymore or would you “grow with me” and accept that “things change” and “people change.” Like when there were dinosaur birds and now there are regular birds but they were always birds, you know?

Should I change up my “look”? Should I try and be a less “recession-conscious shopper” and stay out of thrift stores? Should I funnel a quarter of a single paycheck in to a black BeBe blouse that “goes with everything”?

I need “help” with my next “career move,” you guys.

PS: Not to ruin the “surprise” for all my “fans” but I would never do this.