important celebrity sightings

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I think Jenny Lewis would like, totally really want to be my friend if we ever “hung out.” Like, she’d want to hang out a second and maybe even third time and then on the third time I’d drink too much and fangirl out on her and then she’d have to decide if that was just a “one time thing” or a greater part of my character that hadn’t yet been revealed. I think she’d probably stop calling me after that third time, ‘cause she’s like a real adult who has her life figured out and I’m not so much there yet, but for those first few times, she’d be really in to me. I think that about Jenny Lewis.

Here’s why. I saw her at my favorite thrift store on Main Street today. It was an ethereal experience. I walked in all casual. Hair all done up like Princess Leia, which was possible with two bobby pins and just by looking at my reflection of the window that some homeless man was peeing on. I got up earlier than usual today so I could spend two hours in traffic for a doctor’s appointment, so I was basically lookin like a glow worm all day. Michael was in the back room trying on shoes. I’m walking through the racks of T-shirts when I make an uncomfortable amount of solid eye contact with what I first think is a mirror, but is actually Jenny Lewis. It hit me almost instantly and all I could do was try and act casual and smile. This happened a few more times. Lots of eye contact and lots of smiling. You guys. She totally knew I was dying inside. I am pretty sure it was her way of asking me to be her best friend. I had to think about it but eventually I conceded to the idea. I wanted my readers to be the first to know so you don’t get all up in my face when you see me on stage with her every night. We followed her up to the counter when she was paying to “look at jewelry” and she was just so adorable and sweet and giggly and beautiful and important that it made me just want to marry her.

Anyway. I played it “real cool.” Probably too cool. I tried to act unfazed, but you guys? I was fazed 4 daze.