i need to know.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I need to know what kind of sick-minded, balance-hating morons think it’s appropriate to put sweet pickles on my turkey and cheese sandwich. No one is looking for the sickly sweet aftertaste of an improperly pickled pickle on their delicious turkey and provolone that cost five dollars and ninety-five cents in 2010. I make hardly ten dollars an hour and I’m still paying off the college education that earned me the right to make those not-even-ten precious dollars an hour AND I hate my life most of the time. Like, how you just gonna screw up my sandwich with such casualness? Like, not even tell me that you got the wrong kind of pickles at Costco and so you’re gonna screw up my sandwich and the sandwiches of every pickle-loving customer that comes in to your store. I care about them too, ya know.

F’ing irresponsible a’holes.

OH, AND BTDubs, little trick I picked up from working at my aforementioned job: when you’re handing someone their change, hand them the cash and THEN the change. The .5 extra seconds of interaction saves you the minute and a half of me walking around your deli picking up the change bomb that went off when you shoved my change in my hand WRAPPED IN THE DOLLARS. Like, did you go to Lazy University and major in Slug Imitation, you clueless, sandwich ruining life ruiner?

I’ll slap you.