complaints & appreciation

Monday, March 22, 2010

My back hurts really badly. So does my neck. I’m really tired, but not as tired as I should be considering I didn’t sleep on the plane on the way to New Orleans. The lady next to me kept freaking out that she was going to barf, and I was like “Damn, motion sickness is still real? That’s so 70s.” Plus I had the aisle seat so I’d be keeping her from her destiny (the bathroom) if she did get barfy. I’m quite over all this hustling that I have to do to keep myself alive. I keep thinking that maybe I should just “give in” and get an office job and maybe learn some new skillz or something in case my life continues to slowly crumble around me, but that seems unhappy and maybe a bit dramatic. I’ve only been in Louisiana for a few days, but I missed my boy so much that I want him to quit his job and come live with me. I’ve told him this directly. Don’t worry, readers. I think he loves his job a lot and won’t leave it to come brush his 23 year old girlfriend’s hair in Los Angeles.

I am happy to be back traveling after those hellish holidays. But I miss my dog so much and he’s gonna be cuter than I remember when I see him again. I’m so lucky to have a BFF 2 tha death like Nichole who will stay up late doing nothing with me and tell me I look beautiful, and a fantastic mom like my mom who will stay at my house and watch the dog while watching my Weeds DVDs and crying. It’s nice to have cool girls to talk to about things like Weeds with. Me and Nichole were hanging out the other night and talking about the terrible things life puts us through but we were laughing so hard that it felt like high school. In general, I’m pretty happy about the amount of time I spend laughing. I’ve been dating my dude for a long ass time and I still think he’s smokin’ hot and has the best thighs in the game. I really like my horse buckle belt and the “adult dress” I got at Salvies a few years ago. I could wear it to a cocktail party on a private jet. I’m fortunate to have developed a great friendship with Corrie, who is one of my few friends who figured out how to co-exist with me for over 10 years. Now she’s one of the only people in the world I completely cherish. I love my time with her. There’s something really crazy about growing up with someone your whole life and then being adults and talking about adult things and remembering in the back of your head the time she peed her pants on the arcade game at the bowling alley because I made her laugh way too hard. It’s Monday.