whatta jerk

Friday, February 5, 2010

You guys, did you know that if you wake me up when I’m sleeping I turn in to the meanest SheBeast that ever walked the planet?

I’ve gone over this before, but I’ve punched my own mother for waking me up. Punched. My mother.
I have NO IDEA what’s going on when I’m sleeping. If someone were to say, stick their finger in my mouth while I was sleeping, I will chew them out worse while in a coma-like state than I could anyone I was legit mad at while awake. Forreal. Things come out of my mouth that are so ferociously mean and not even how I actually feel that I am like “Hey Kar, you are a wicked monster-lady.”

But I don’t know how to stop it! I wish people would just not wake me up (especially while I am still getting on a Vampire’s schedule) or touch me or even look at me. I don’t know how to gauge my reaction appropriately. I will likely say things “You’re a pathetic failure, get away from me.” and “I hate you and I never want to see your ugly face again.” Yes, those are things I have said to people while I was sleeping before. I get mean.

I’ve had boyfriends CRY over it. I’ve had friends give me the silent treatment before. It kind of kills me because I don’t think it’s fair that I be punished for something I absolutely, 100% cannot control or help other than saying “Don’t wake me up or you’ll be really disappointed in what kind of person I turn in to.” But ya know, it’s probably also disheartening for people to walk around after I’ve said such beastly things to them.

Anyway, I woke up hearing my phone’s text message sound. It was Darien telling me about some awful time he’s having with this begrudging idiot at work today. I’m still half asleep and what did I tell him to do? I tell him to “take a Greyhound back to third grade and kill himself.”

LOL / :(