mean things i've said recently

Monday, February 1, 2010

I’ve been really crazy lately. Like a mean old dog. The crap that comes out of my mouth astonishes me every day. I’m regularly stopping myself after I say something and say “You are a monster” in my head just to remind myself that these are unkind ways to speak about other people. I have to tell you, I can only think of maybe one person I dislike enough to put on the receiving end of any of these comments, but I just keep saying them!

I’m posting this here for a few reasons: 1) I fascinate myself, 2) I should probably break myself of this habit by calling it to every one’s attention. Why? Why do I do these things?
I’m so impulsive it’s repulsive, you guys.

    •    “That hacky nobody can die for all I care.”
    •    “She is one of those sicko freaks that makes it sad to be a heterosexual female living in 2010.”
    •    “That bitch gives my mind anorexia.”
    •    “You’re boring.”
    •    “I swear to God if I hear one more word out of that loser’s mouth about this, I am going to gut them with a knitting needle.”
    •    “She’s one of those shady ass mother effers who always needs an angle. I don’t like that quality in a person.”
    •    “What a desperate slut.”

Mean, right? For no real reason other than I feel like it! If my life was a movie, I would be such a Regina George right now.