Friday, February 19, 2010

You guys. Last night I went to Hollywood and it felt like less of a cool thing and more like a chore. Like when you realize you’re addicted to cigarettes. I am always embarrassed to be there now, kinda. ANYWAY! At one point I realized that my tiny, delicate woman bladder couldn’t handle the vodka tonic anymore and I had to pee. I went to the bathrooms where a lady with pink hair had started a line. This is what went down.

Pink Hair Lady: How are you doing?

Me: Great! How are you?

PHL: Chillin’.

Me: Awesome!

PHL: It’s awesome that I’m chilling?

Me: (hesitant) Yeah! That’s the way to be, right?!

PHL: I guess so. A change of pace for me.

… YOU GUYS?!?!?!? THAT MADE ME SO SCARED. I’m going to eat some leftover pesto tortellini for breakfast and go to work now, but you guys! Chillin’ is always cool. ALWAYS the way to be. I know this sounds crazy because of who’s saying it, but raging on a Thursday is such a sad and scary thought. I hated that I wasn’t at home watching Roseanne deep down. C’mon. Today’s Friday. Let’s be real.