Been thinkin’ a lot about female pedophiles lately and why we don’t hear about them as much as we do male pedophiles. Sure there are the Mary Kay’s of the world and even that awesome episode of Law and Order: SVU where the lady got the brain tumor and started repeatedly molesting this one boy because said tumor impeeded her ability to control her desires, but like… shouldn’t we be hearing about these women as much as those male pedophiles we are all terrified of?

Am I to believe that grown women aren’t out there destroying little boys and girls the same way men are just because they are women?

I also found this blog: Sorry, I just had to write out that whole URL. You should actually say it to yourself a couple of times and laugh before the awful AWFUL nature of the content sinks in. Then read the collection of articles this person has about female pedophiles.

Why have I taken an interest in this? I dunno. I guess because it’s one side of an issue that I never ever hear about but that I know has to exist and because I have a bad habit of Googling everything.