Sunday, January 31, 2010

I went to the Salvation Army AKA Salvies with Mikey yesterday because I own two outfits that I actually wear regularly and I’ve been wearing them so regularly that I’m starting to feel like I’m copy catting myself every time I get dressed. Sometimes I look in the mirror and say “Look at you, you little copycat!” Ain’t that tha troof.

Anyway I found some killer high waisted jeans that were really gorgeous and full of life. Mike gave me a voluptuous sweater he got from Salvies in exchange for me buying two new things for him from Salvies and I’m already kinda broke-ish right now because I work at Urban Outfitters, but I went anyway because it’s sunny and I’ve done such a good job at being a person this week that I feel like I’ve earned a treat other than making car payments.