my life is hilar.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am still that same girl. I moved back to LA with four hundred dollars from my really important part-time job, a couple suitcases and a contact from a studio that announced major layoffs the week I moved. I can stay here, I’ll be fine fine fine. So fine. I can see myself being like “Whatever man, I work at Urban Outfitters and I make people look good and I am a backup singer, but at least I’m not making babies with a man I hate in a dumb state.” Or like, I could move somewhere else radical. Maybe not, but maybe. I could probably just be like “Flail flail flail. My name’s Flail Lady. I’m being a free spirit. Do you know anyone hosting a rave?”

Or I could try and be a receptionist. Or maybe I can tour with another rock band. OMG. I hope I can tour with another rock band. I can play tambourine and when people start getting crazy, I can be like “Hey, chill out!” and people will do it because people listen to me because I’m a powerful woman.