Saturday, January 30, 2010

My sleep schedule is just so messed up and I’ve been having nonstop flashbacks to college and stuff so just deal with it.

I broke up with this marine boyfriend of mine two weeks before high school winter break ended. I still talked to him normally, even though he immediately (read: had already) started dating a girl he met on MySpace. It wasn’t that I didn’t want a boyfriend anymore, it was that I didn’t want him to be my boyfriend anymore. Joke was on me, because they ended up getting married shortly thereafter.

Anyway, my marine boyfriend, who was completely controlling and manipulative in the way that a lot of the guys I have dated in my life have been but more scarily so because we were so young, went on to update his Livejournal (sting) about this girl Rhea within his first two weeks of us deciding to not date anymore. “Her parents named her after a Fleetwood Mac song and she’s more beautiful than you ever could hope to be.” That’s what he said to me one night when I was still accepting his phone calls.

“Yeah. I get it.”

Rhea would drunk dial me from my ex-boyfriend’s phone to tell me I was “a whale” with a “Jay Leno chin” and “orangutan tits,” and I would respond by saying “What are you talking about? Your name is Rhea. Hang up the phone.”