agitated & caffeinated

Friday, January 22, 2010

What if something happened where our lives turned in to that movie Signs and a bunch of rude aliens came and attacked us and we had to live in our basements? Or what if it was like Panic Room, except you could never get out of there and you had to live the rest of your life in that space? Do you bring your dogs? What do you do if the dogs die? What do you do if your dog dies and you don’t live in a panic room? Do you call someone? Do you put it in the dumpster? Are there laws about burying it in a park?

But with the panic room thing, how are you supposed to go to the bathroom if you have to live in some bunker with your family, or even by yourself? Part of me thinks I would prefer to be alone if I had to be locked in a space forever because at least then I would be able to be quiet and read or sleep. The amount of sleeping you could do is only upside to this, but that’s only if you’re really looking for one.

Also, what if the conditions made you grow to hate the person that you were with and you murdered them (obviously no one would ever find out, and screw morals, your life is already a living hell) and then you had a dead body in the panic room with you? And what are you supposed to eat? Wouldn’t all that canned food you stocked in there (pre-nuclear disaster/aliens) dehydrate you? Wouldn’t you have to drink water constantly to not have to change your name to Sodium Lady? That brings me back to my questions about where you’re supposed to relieve yourself. Oh yeah, and what happens if there’s a pregnant lady in there with you? Are you supposed to raise a child in that kind of environment? Do you just murder everyone in there and also maybe yourself?

I hope it stops raining soon.