The process of reuniting with reality has been slow-moving. After a Fall of the Mute Math tour and light travel, I am rested and addressing the problem of being virtually jobless (read: moneyless.) I’ve dusted off my résumé, which has years-worth of experience in a field completely irrelevant to my area of study/career choices. Unfortunately the economic climate which ejected me into this situation isn’t very warm to inexperienced, full-time graduates. However, I have seen plenty of listings for actresses needed for “love scenes”, so there is still hope for some.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting the graduate school application bug, and crossing mundane tasks off my to-do list before I get cozy with my seasonal depression. Of course I have been planning vacations, albeit imaginary. Paris! Paris! …Nashville (UGGHH)! But without employment and the dolla dolla bills that it brings, they remain only cerebral getaways.