day off. next top nashville, tennessee.  spent 4 hours selling $12 worth of clothes to buffalo exchange. will somebody give me the names and addresses of anyone who DOESN’T want gold cowboy boots? i got even with them when i decided to sell my clothes directly outside of their doors to people on the street.  rock and roll debauchery at its finest, my friends.  lock up your kids.

made a stop off at GOLDEN SPOON and got in good with some cinnamon vanilla ice cream with heath bar. which ruled. whomever came up with the idea of ice cream  should have their own holiday… cos that shit is way more fun than passover. or 4th of july. plus, those kids working there have got to be building up to some serious forearm burnout… and could probably use a day off.

saw old friends the other night… notably this guy sean. sean is a singer/songwriter here in venice beach (formerly nashvegas).  sean used to play guitar with me, but he graduated up a few flights to kelly clarkson.  SINCE HE’S BEEN GONE, i have been playing guitar by myself… (hahaha, i kill myself!)

seriously though, it was a nice hang.  it is always great to see dear friends make it big on tour. not to be confused with deer friends… friends who are actually deer… like in that fall out boy video…

i hear tennessee is beautiful right now. it’s just too bad i hate the place.