About Me

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Deer Diary is a blog by Karin Buckery, a 30 year old American girl known for taking lots of naps and getting drunk on Sundays.

She grew up in the Los Angeles area, and received her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design in 2008. Shortly after graduating, Karin moved to Chicago to work for a high profile music marketing firm, and later returned to Los Angeles to catch up on her naps. She moved to Nashville in 2011 to focus on hating her life and touring with various bands, but eventually remembered that she prefers Los Angeles to anywhere else in the country.

As of May 2013, Karin moved back to LA, and is currently living in sin with her boyfriend on the beach of Ventura.

Aside from blogging, Karin most recently enjoys baking, sewing, photography, brand development, and explaining to people that she is a non-practicing pescatarian. She finds fish to be boring and slippery, yet delicious.

For sponsorships, handouts, freebies, and loot, email her at shopbuckery@gmail.com.